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:: Testimonials ::

Here’s what clients and coworkers say about me:

“Martha is a thorough, fair-minded, creative, and hard-working writer who produces well-crafted, well-researched articles. She is a pleasure to work with.”

— Karen Bachrach, executive editor, DC Velocity

“I was running a site for New York Times Digital as part of my consulting practice. I had the opportunity to ask Martha to write a few articles for me. The subject matter was complex. The audience was demanding. She performed perfectly. Her work was well written, thoughtful and on-target. More importantly, it perfectly reflected the highly sophisticated audience of online professionals at which it was aimed. I was more than pleased with her work. I was thrilled.”

— Paul Conley, editorial consultant

“I hired Martha as a new freelance contributor for Direct Marketing News, and she was great to work with each time. She picked up on our house style and subject material quickly and didn't blink at the short turnaround times I needed. I would highly recommend Martha as a reliable freelance writer.”

— Rose Sala, senior editor/writer,

“Martha is a one-woman idea factory. She could post a creative blog about newsworthy events in Somerville every day if she wanted to. She has twice delivered terrific stories for the print edition of Somerville Scout on the controversial arrival of a Wal-Mart in Assembly Square. In addition, she has researched and written several stories for the Scout blog, stories which I — as the editor of said blog — have scarcely needed to edit. On top of this, she was instrumental in helping the Scout modify its blog to include social networking features. In short, I'd recommend Martha for both print and digital assignments of all stripes.”

— Ilan Mochari, chief writer, The Build; former editor, Scout Somerville
(formerly Somerville Scout)

“Martha writes content for business magazines that engages readers. I've hired her to write about manufacturing issues, shipping and warehousing cost controls, and technology topics. Her writing enlivens what could be eyes-glaze-over content.”

— Mimi Bell, Editorial Director, Great Lakes Bay Publishing

“Martha is the epitome of a valued publishing generalist. Her skills are solid and span writing, reporting, production, and page design. Martha is an asset to any team of which she has been a member.”

— Mitch MacDonald, group editorial director, DC Velocity

“Martha is very calm and focused at her work. She has an unbelievable amount of patience which I appreciate the most. Martha is a friend and a colleague. I have been working with her for 6 years and had no problems with her whatsoever. When I get jumpy due to a deadline, Martha will calm things down and help me accomplish the task on hand. She is detail oriented, and quality conscious. She is an excellent editor and I recommend her without hesitation for any magazine/web position.”

— Kunal Panchal, project manager, Software Magazine