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:: About Me ::

Photo: Martha SpizziriI’m a writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience.

I got my start in the business-to-business press, where I worked on staff at Traffic Management (now Logistics Management), Digital News & Review, and Modern Materials Handling magazines. I’ve served as a production editor, managing editor, and web editor, writing news and features stories (at Traffic Management), a monthly column (at Modern Materials Handling), editing copy and maintaining web sites.

I've written about a wide variety of topics, for both consumer and business-to-business publications, but specialties include small business, especially retail; shipping logistics; and marketing.

I’ve also done social media work, building and maintaining Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for nonprofit organizations.

I am based in Boston.

Need writing or editing help? Contact me at (617) 628-5466 or

You can see some of my clips and details of my experience here.